Hi. We're the Cat Amazing Crew.

  • Zeke - Junior QA & Durability Control

    It’s tough to land a job if the thing you're best at is destruction (especially in this economy). Zeke was first hired for some professional shredding, but his aptitude for annihilation quickly led to a full-time position on the team. Zeke is not only a workaholic, but an innovator - his comparative approach (ex: comparing Cat Amazing to the couch, the ottoman, a colleague's leg, etc.) ensures that we deliver products of the best quality. At Cat Amazing, Zeke found his calling, and we found our standard - if it can survive Zeke, it can survive anything.

  • Mooky - Senior QA & Innovation Architect

    While Mooky’s business attire is formal, his attitude of quiet superiority is modestly casual. He is both the inspiration and the brains behind Cat Amazing (you can read about that below, in Our Story). An enlightened cat, Mooky possesses what Buddhists call the “third eye” - with which he can gaze over all the vastness of the universe, and contemplate the most profound mysteries of creation - though he usually has to use it to spot Zeke’s ambush. Mooky can typically be found testing and perfecting the Cat Amazing (unless the vacuum cleaner is out, in which case he cannot be found at all).

  • Natalie - Co-founder & CIO

    Since Natalie’s big brain is behind much of Cat Amazing, we thought she should have a very serious and impressive title. Zeke said that CIO sounded very important, and that every company should have one. Everyone agreed. We had to come up with what it stood for, just in case anyone asked. Creative Idea Originator felt pretty right. So did Cat Interest Observer. Cat Interpreter, Oh! was also considered.
    So, which one is it?

  • Andrey - Founder & CEO (Cat-Entrusted Official)

    Mooky designated Andrey ‘Founder’ and gave him the CEO title upon learning that it is uncommon for humans to do business directly with a cat. Andrey is therefore the (barely) presentable facade of the company - it’s “furless figurehead” as Mooky puts it. Andrey also created this website, which he maintains and updates. Whenever you send the crew a note or a suggestion, Andrey reads it and considers it carefully (then calls Mooky, Natalie and Zeke for the final say).


And This is Our Story...


Mooky was sitting around, bored. He had plenty of toys to play with, but none of them were challenging enough to occupy a Cat of Immense Brain, such as himself. Suddenly, he had an Ingenious Idea! He would invent a cat toy that would be fun, engaging, and playable over and over again - in short, The Best Cat Toy Ever!

Progress was slow at first - the lackey was not evolved enough to understand telepathy, and could not even speak Meowth, the Universal Language of Intelligent Beings.

Mooky summoned his human lackey Andrey, and they immediately got to work. Progress was slow at first - the lackey was not evolved enough to understand telepathy, and could not even speak Meowth, the Universal Language of Intelligent Beings. Truth be told, Mooky grew more than one grey whisker in trying to get the numbskull to cooperate. Only when Mooky perfected the “you botched my instructions again, you hopeless imbecile?” look, were they finally able to find their stride.

Mooky’s inspiration and patience, together with Andrey’s obedience and opposable thumbs, eventually bore fruit. Surrounded by scraps of cardboard, torn papers, and various cutting tools, Andrey held up the result. He studied it, looked over at Mooky, looked back again, and stammered out the first words that came into his head - “Cat...! Amazing...!” Mooky sighed, but decided to humor the dunce. So the name stuck.

Andrey then showed the Cat Amazing to Mooky’s senior lackey, Natalie. At first, he tried to pass the creation off as his own, but Natalie, a much brighter human (she even understands some Meowth), wasn’t fooled. In fact, she pointed out several places where Andrey clearly misunderstood Mooky’s instructions. Andrey made the changes, and in the end, they had the Cat Amazing as it is today. The rest, as they say, is history.

But you can be sure that this is only the beginning, as the crew is already back in the shop, coming up with creative concepts for awesome cat toys! (Well, you know who’s actually coming up with them ; )

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