• Octavius (Gus) is a Maine coon mix he always seems bored so I got him the mega one .I never knew where in the house I would find the box and he spent hours with it . I would love to send you a picture of it . He has destroyed it to get at the treats.

  • I would love to be a tester! I have eight cats/ rescues male and female young to senior
    And TBH they are very expensive to take care of and I really cannot afford to buy those like I would like to at this time.
    Thanks for considering me!

  • Hi – loved seeing you on Shark Tank and happy I am able to support your cause and creativity. My 1 3/4 yr old Siberian kitty/cat Rico is playing with the Sliders as I write. He is very intrigued, sticking with it much longer than other cat toys/feeders. Awesome job! Wishing you much success :) Ms Marty Lenzi

    Marty L
  • Our cat Gracie loves this product. She’s eating through the box to get to her treats 8Γ­

    Judy Crosetti

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