How to Gift a Cat Amazing - the Best Cat Toy Ever!

Gift it right. Here's how ~

Cat Amazing - the perfect giftChristmas to Hanukkah, Valentine’s to Veterans, birthday bash to bachelor party - Cat Amazing makes the perfect gift for any celebration (where a cat is present - the only ones worth showing up to). And if you’re thinking about charming that special someone - Fuggeddabouttit! You sly hound ; ) everyone knows the way to a girl’s heart is through her kitty!

So here are a few tips for getting the most out of the best gift ever:

1. Give it assembled!

Cat Amazing Heart of the partySeriously, it takes like ten seconds. Yes, you can even do it in the car outside (let’s face it, we both know you waited till the last minute). It’s alright, rest assured that you’ll be bringing the fun - and the funny!

2. Use the card!

Cat Amazing Product imageThat card that comes with the CatAmazing - it’s kind of a big deal. After you’ve assembled the CatAmazing, slide the card back on. There’s even a bit of space on the inside for a message. (Oh, you’re welcome - we knew you’d forget to get a card. What? No, you can’t borrow a pencil). There isn’t much space though, so use it wisely - remember, brevity is the soul of wit.

3. Don’t forget the treats!

Cat Amazing cat playing graphicGiving a CatAmazing without treats is like handing a kid a toy without batteries - you may get tears or a kick to the shins for your efforts.

In short...

TL;DR - Cat Amazing makes an awesome gift - just remember the treats, the card, and put it together yourself!