Shelter and Rescue Spotlight: Trenton Cats Rescue

The Trenton Cats Rescue is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to animal welfare. They provide multiple programs to help take care of local cats. These include non-lethal trap-and-release programs for strays, adoption and foster programs for cats in need of rehoming, and support so you can keep a beloved pet with you longer.

Organization History

Trenton Cats Rescue is a non-profit, all-volunteer operation that has been working to help the cats in the area since 2012. Their current leader, Kathy Collins, has been involved in animal rescue since 2007, when she began managing volunteers arranging adoptions and fostering animals herself, with the local rescue organizations. With her contacts in the rescue world, she was able to leave a full-time job in finance to become one of the founding directors of the new TCR, a merging of Trenton TNR and TAS. She remains proud of the organization's spay and neuter record. Since it’s inception, the live release rates for cats at the shelter have increased every year!


Trenton cat rescue offers many different programs for rescued and re-homed cats. Not only do they offer their trap and release program to manage the population of ferals and strays, they also offer foster and adoption programs in the area. They even provide free or cheap neutering and offer options to avoid declawing, which can be harmful and painful for cats.


The organization is dedicated to the health and welfare of local cats and kittens, including strays, re-homed animals, and domestic cats. They offer regular adoption events throughout the year and provide financial assistance for spay and neutering, as well as providing resources to vets, and offering microchip registration. Their goal is to lower the stray population in a non-lethal way, and ensure that cats in their care go to loving, and lasting homes.

Check out their website to learn more about their regular adoption events, volunteer positions, and how you can help.

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Image Credit: Trenton Cats Rescue/Facebook

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