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Puzzle toys & feeders for cats - how to choose?

Comparison of Cat Puzzle Feeders & Toys

Puzzle toys, treat mazes and interactive feeders have many benefits for our feline friends. These include exercise and activity, boredom relief, ability for solo play, as well as gastrointestinal benefits (when used with cat treat & food) like slower eating for weight management and puke prevention! But with many on the market, which one should you get for your kitty?

We did a roundup of some of the most popular ones, and compared them across a number of different criteria. Spoiler alert: Cat Amazing - Best Cat Toy Ever! came out as the clear winner : ) You might not be too surprised - after all, that's the toy we make - but the idea here is to let you see the exact objective reasons so you can decide for yourself. Of course, we couldn't compare every single cat puzzle toy and feeder out there, so we chose a representative sample of the most popular types.

Comparison of the top interactive cat puzzle feeders:


Cat Amazing - Best Interactive Cat Puzzle Toy

Cat Amazing - Best Cat Toy Ever!

Food Tree Cat Feeder

Food Tree

Wood Puzzle Toy

Wood Puzzle Toy

Interactive cat toy activity center

Interactive Activity Center

Interactive cat puzzle feeder bowl

Food Puzzle Bowl

Multiple Difficulty Levels Yes, 3 with 4th 'Secret' level Yes No No No
Works with treats & small toys Yes - Works with treats, kibble, crinkle toys, mice, balls, etc. Yes Yes No, food only
No, food only
Mobility for added challenge and activity Yes - slides around easily No, stationary
No, stationary
No, stationary
No, stationary
Eco-friendly materials Yes - Reinforced cardboard, 100% Recyclable & biodegradable  No, plastic Yes, wood
No, plastic
No, plastic
Provides color stimulation Yes - uses variety of colors on the spectrum cats see best No No No Some


What sets Cat Amazing apart as the best interactive puzzle toy?

Hopefully the table above gives you an objective overview of how different types of interactive feeders and puzzle toys for cats stack up -- based not on our opinion, but on factual criteria that are important when making a decision. As you can see, Cat Amazing not only provides multiple difficulty levels to keep up the challenge as kitty's skill level improves, but also provides additional activity and stimulation by being lightweight and sliding easily around your hardwood or carpet floor - something the other puzzle feeders can't do. The safe & eco-friendly materials (durable extra-strength cardboard, printed with SGS certified metal-free inks) used to make Cat Amazing, and its versatility in working with treats and small toys makes it a sure winner in your household!

Cat Playing with Cat Amazing Interactive Puzzle Feeder

All across this website and on our blog you will find a lot more information on the exact thought process that went into designing Cat Amazing. We'll be posting a video on exactly how the levels work and how they increase the challenge for your cat as they learn. We'll also be writing about the feline color spectrum and how that was used to help designate the levels. We might even give you a primer on cardboard (more interesting that you might imagine!) and lots of other cool things! Stay tuned!

For now, visit our homepage to learn more, or jump right to Amazon to get yours today!



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