Cat Amazing Shelter & Rescue Enrichment Program is Launched!

To kick off 2018, we're giving the gift of play to cats awaiting adoption and educating new cat parents on how to keep cats active and healthy in the forever homes!

Both cats on our team were adopted from an NYC shelter - and we've never forgotten the experience. The rows of cages. The confinement. The utter boredom written on the feline faces, languid from inactivity despite the best efforts of the overwhelmed staff.

Some of the cats had been there for weeks. Some for months. Some for years.

It's doubtlessly apparent how much cats suffer from lack of stimulation in a confined environment. Every animal does. But there's more to the story: according to ASPCA's rehoming survey, aggressive and destructive behavior in their new home are the top reasons cats are returned to shelters.

That makes it a tragedy twice over. First the cats languish in confinement, unable to release energy through activity, then once free they express destructive behavior because they never learned or had a chance to engage in healthy play - so they are returned to the shelter.

Today we're officially launching our Shelter & Rescue Enrichment Program try to tackle both of these problems.

The goal of the program is two-fold:

1 - Provide FREE enrichment products like Cat Amazing toys to Rescue, Shelter and Foster organizations across the country to keep those cats stimulated and help socialize them too help them fit into their their future home. Cat Amazing has proven especially great for this because  its nook & crannies, help maximize stimulation in a confined space.

2 - Help new cat parents hold on to their cats and avoid the painful process of returning them. We want to do that by educating them on feline behavior to get them on their way to setting up an enriching and stimulating environment for their cats at home, so the feline impulse for creative destruction has a healthy outlet.

We're kicking off the program by providing FREE Shelter & Rescue Enrichment kits!

Cat Amazing shelter enrichment kits

The kits include:

• Cat Amazing interactive puzzle toys for use at shelter, rescue or foster organizations

• Educational “Enrichment Through Play” guides for new adopters

• Exclusive discounts for Cat Amazing for new rescue cat parents

This program has been a year in the making, and we're really exicted about its launch! To learn more about the program and how to get your organization signed up, please visit

We look forward to working with shelters, rescued and fosters across the country to provide stimulation and enrichment all along the adoption journey, and keep cats living happily in their adoptive homes.

Thank you for helping us make this possible.

❤️️ Mooky, Zeke, Nat & Andrey


The Cat Amazing Crew

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