CAT AMAZING - Best Interactive Cat Toy Ever! Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

CAT AMAZING - Best Interactive Cat Toy Ever! Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

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Cat Amazing is the award-winning interactive puzzle game for cats!

It’s irresistibly fun, and the stakes are high – the reward is kitty's favorite treats!  

Marvel as your cat cleverly retrieves prizes from the puzzle! The circling, springing, concentrating and maniacal pouncing will keep your cat happily playing for hours – and have you laughing the entire time!

Cat Amazing is an instant hit wherever people and cats are gathered. In fact, watching your cat have this much fun might tempt you to throw in a few pretzels and have a go yourself! (We don't advise it)

Veterinarians recommend Cat Amazing for:

  • Mental stimulation and engagement of natural feline instincts
  • Promoting healthy activity through play and foraging
  • Slowing down eating for improved digestive health & weight management


Cat Amazing has three difficulty levels to stimulate & challenge cats, even as their skills improve!

  • Beginner  – a wide opening at the base for easy access
  • Intermediate  – slide the treats along the sides, and with luck they'll pop out the sides - trickier!
  • Top Cat  – smallest openings at the sides and the most challenging arrangement of openings  – amateurs need not apply!
  • Bonus Level  – rumor has it there's even a secret level, with maximum difficulty - you'll have to read the card that comes with Cat Amazing to learn how to unlock it!

The levels will keep your cat coming back to play & give you an unparalleled look into your cat's incredible mind  – and reveal their rich personality! You’ll have a great time watching your cat’s tremendous feline cleverness in action – and others will want to share in the fun!