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What to gift a Cat Mom for her special day?

Cat toy gift for Mother's dayMother's Day is right around the corner - and what does she want more than spending quality time with her baby? Ehrm.. no... not you. Well, you too! But we meant her favorite fur-baby!

Moms are a busy bunch, what with raising all those kids - cat and human - they hardly have any time! But they want to be sure their babies have the best - especially when it comes to learning and having fun. We can't speculate what that means for you - but we sure know what it means for the cat : )

It means having the best toys - ones that provide enrichment and mental stimulation, while encouraging exercise and physical activity. There are probably plenty of plastic mice and crinkle balls crunching underfoot at your mom's house - but her cat is probably bored of those toys by now! But does she have an interactive puzzle feeder for her cat to play with? Bet not! So be the hero that gets her one!

Cat Amazing is a Versatile Cat Puzzle Feeder

The great thing about a puzzle cat toy like Cat Amazing is that it can provide both interactive and solo play

Keep your engaged in play while you're away! Cat toy gift for Mother's day.Interactive play: There's nothing like watching a cat put all their kitty cleverness on display! Mom will love putting treats into each of the different difficulty levels inside Cat Amazing and watching her favorite furball work on getting them out!

Solo play: Just drop a handful of treats and enjoy some quiet time to work, or keep kitty engaged in play while you're away! 

The other thing that makes a puzzle feeder a great Mothers Day gift for a cat mom is that it saves her the trouble of doing something she probably hates - cleaning! Mom's already cleaned a lot of diapers in her day and all the messes you've made in your life - the last thing she wants to be doing is cleaning up cat puke! Now a hairball here and there is inevitable - but puking after gorging out of a bowl is entirely preventable - with a puzzle feeder!

Having to work for their treats and kibble, and hunting them out one at a time, means kitty will eat more slowly and less overall. That makes is easier on the stomach and less likely to result in a regurgitate pile in the middle of mom's carpet. It's also one of the top reasons veterinarians recommend puzzle feeds for cats that are overweight or have stomach issues. That and the enrichment and healthy activity they provide!

So give your mom something awesome this mother's day - an interactive cat puzzle feeder from Cat Amazing! If you want more detail on what makes Cat Amazing the best, check out this blog post.

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Cat Amazing interactive cat feeder - cat toy gift for Mother's day!

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