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How does the best cat toy ever keep your cat engaged in play?

One of the things that makes Cat Amazing worthy of its tagline is that it has multiple levels of increasing difficulty. The goal is to provide continued enrichment for your cat with a toy that grows in challenge as your cat's skill level improves. To help explain how the levels works, I put together this video! Check it out, then scroll down for a more detailed explanation below : )

Hopefully that overview gives you a sense of how the levels work. There are also some graphics that help explain the motions that are available to to the cat as they work for their treat - and how they become more limited and tricky as the levels increase. Check these out below!

Cat Amazing Level 1

Since cats have no opposable thumbs to grab onto stuff, the easiest motion for them to retrieve something they want out of a hole is simply to put their paw on it and slide it out. That's why we made a large opening on the side of the beginner level that enables then to really reach in and access any treat that's inside simply by sliding it across the floor of the toy. That's a great way for them to get to get accustomed to using a puzzle feeder without becoming frustrated with more complex motions and giving up.

Cat Amazing Puzzle Toy for Cats Beginner Level Diagram

Cat Amazing Level 2

The second level also has the cat using a sliding motion, but this time up the sides - with gravity working against them, this section is trickier than the one before. They can either slide the treat up and have it pop out of the side holes, or slide it all the way up toward the top.

Cat Amazing Puzzle Toy for Cats Intermediate Level Diagram

Cat Amazing Level 3

The third level is for the pro-level cats! This section requires kitty to slide the treat all the way up the corner hole without dropping it to the bottom - that's a long stretch! The two holes on the sides offer sniff-access, but are too small to pass a paw holding a treat for most cats - so they can detect the treat, then pull it up the side, or bat it to an easier level and get it from there.

Cat Amazing Puzzle Toy for Cats Beginner Level Diagram

Cat Amazing Secret Level

And of course, there's the SECRET level! When kitty masters all the three levels of their toy, you can visit the link that's on the card that comes with the toy - and there you will see a video on how to unlock a secret MOST DIFFICULT level - where there is no way to slide at all, and all kitty's skills get put to the test ; )

Cat Amazing Puzzle Toy for Cats Secret Level Teaser

And that's how the difficulty levels are designed! Now, of course, as we know - no plan survives first contact with the enemy! Cats are extremely clever creatures that will figure out many sneaky strategies for getting out their favorite treats. You'll find them biting & dropping, pushing & flipping, reaching & grabbing and all kinds of other acrobatics -- and that's part of the fun! The more mental and physical activity they put in, the more enrichment the cat toy provides! And that's the name of the game!

For more reasons to pick Cat Amazing, check out this post: Top Interactive Cat Puzzle Toys Compared and to get yours now - head on over to Amazon!

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  • The video was very helpful, but I need to know if I put the treats in differently (in specific areas) for the 3 levels of difficulty? Thank you!

    Joyce Stogo

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