Revealed: The Real Reason Cats Like Boxes

why cats like boxes

Cats and boxes, eh? If your owner happens to be a cat (nope, that is not a typo), chances are that you are not the only one in your household that looks forward to an Amazon delivery. Cats absolutely LOVE boxes. This is no secret. Go ahead, leave a shoebox unattended, watch the insane cat madness.

You’ve likely heard the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Apparently, this goes for cats, as well! Today, we reveal the real reasons cats like boxes so very much.

  • Predatory Instincts
  • Security
  • Imagination
  • Alone Time

They’re the Purr-fect Playground for a Predatory Pet:

Cats are natural predators. It is quite literally in their nature. Cardboard (and other types) boxes not only offer the ideal starting point for planning a possible ambush, but they also provide the perfect place for our feline friends to hide from any potential retaliation (seriously, their day-to-day play can be ruthless!). Cats enjoy being hidden and even their play incorporates predatory instincts, with a box being a great setting.

The Ultimate Safety and Security:

As much as Fluffy instinctually needs predatory play, cats also enjoy feeling safe and secure just as much as anyone else. A cardboard box, as it is an enclosed space, gives your kitty just that. Outgoing or shy, every cat wants to feel snug and protected and their new plaything provides that security.

They Have Better Imaginations than We Do:

For you and me, a box is just a box, but for your cat, that box can become anything his kitty heart desires. Although cats may have started off as outdoor creatures, many people now choose to keep theirs indoors (and for good reason). This limits the number of things to do and places they could potentially be. That box is basically a kitty cat opportunity made up of four, somewhat sturdy walls.

Boxes Can Fulfill Their Solitary Needs:

Unlike dogs, even the sweetest, most cuddly cat, tends to need a little bit of me-time every now and then - and, even more so if there are other pets or children in the home. Felines do have their solitary habits and a safe, warm, and cozy box fit that bill oh-so-nicely.

For the most part, animals are just as complex and individual as we are. But, many would agree that this is especially true, specifically when it comes to our kitty companions. Each one is unique, with his own wants, needs, and preferences.

Nevertheless, the insane love of boxes seems to be fairly universal in the cat community, however much their reasoning behind the obsession differs. Regardless of the why - boxes make them happy, and with all of the joy (and undeniable laughter) that they bring to our everyday lives, they deserve that much at the very least.


  • By exploring the innate curiosity of cats and their love for boxes, we can unveil the charming mysteries of feline behavior. There seems to be a connection between security, stress relief, and the allure of enclosed spaces, which sheds light on the whimsical world of our feline friends. This is a delightful read for any cat enthusiast.

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