Top 10 Cat Gifts for An Ameowzing Christmas

best christmas gifts for cats

They say anyone who thinks that cats aren’t every bit as loyal as dogs has never owned one. Our cats offer hours of companionship and fun. And sometimes, you just want to spoil your best friend with the purrfect gift.

Whether it’s a Christmas present, a Gotcha Day gift for your newly adopted kitten, or a special treat just because, we’ve got just the right gift ideas for the cat in your life.

1. Cat Amazing Slider Treat Puzzle

Cat Amazing Sliders treat maze will keep your kitty busy for hours. Not only is it perfect for activating that hunter instinct in your indoor cat, you also help keep him from over-snacking. The boxes will shift and move around, meaning your kitty will avoid stocking up on those holiday treats and they won't get easily bored. An added bonus is that all Cat Amazing's cat toysa are eco-friendly and your purchase help keep their Shelter and Rescue program going!  

cat amazing sliders best treat puzzle box

2. ViviPet Cat Dining Table

If you really want to spoil your posh puss, check out this cat dining table. Tilted for easy access, and ceramic bowls for easy cleaning, it even includes a spot to grow your own catnip. If you want to avoid overindulging, it’s also a great spot to store toys.

3. Sushi Catnip

Is there anything cats love more than salmon? I didn’t think so! These adorable sushi plushes are full of catnip, so they’re irresistible to your furry buddy. The paces are light enough for batting and carrying, and they come in bright colours and cute shape, so they’re easy to find.

4. New Collar

Get the perfect look for every member of the family in the holiday photos this year! These bowtie collars come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and they’re comfy for even the most stubborn cats to wear. The tie is hand-sewn and attached to the collar with an elastic strap. So even if he’s not a fan, it won’t come undone!
bowtie cat collar

5. Hartz Just For Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toy

If you really want to encourage your cat’s prey drive, there’s nothing better than a toy that combines two of their favorite things: Catnip, and mice! These brightly-colored mice will keep your cat hunting even when they’re stuck indoors.

6. Delicious Cat Cookies

If you’re a fan of making presents instead of buying them, a simple gift for your favorite feline is some delicious homemade treats. If you’re a fan of baking, embracing the baking bug for your cat is a great choice for a gift. Take it a step further and pair the treats with a Cat Amazing treat puzzle!

7. Kitty Hammock

Cats love to climb. Keep her off the furniture with her very own plush cat bed. It’s easy to assemble, can be hung anywhere, and is guaranteed to give her plenty of climbing space, and a comfy new vantage point.

kitty hammock

8. Whisker City Ball Track and Scratcher

For an overactive kitten just growing into his claws, the Whisker City Ball Track and Scratcher provides stimulation, hunting play, and a place to scratch those growing claws. The scratcher can be replaced as your kitten grows, to avoid wearing it out.

9. Merry and Bright Holiday Laser Cat Toy

Laser pointers may not be good for all your pets, but they provide hours of entertainment for your cat. Whisker City offers a wide variety of fun shapes, including holiday-themed shapes. You’ll love the festive feeling, and kitty will love spending time with you chasing shapes across floors, walls, and furniture. Deck the halls!

10. Pounce House Electronic Cat Toy

The Pounce House is a multi-activity cat house. This is the state-of-the-art cat toy that will keep him on his toe beans! It gives plenty of opportunity for climbing and pouncing. The feather wand spins randomly, to mimic prey. And when you turn it off, after a game of Stalking Prey, it offers a comfortable space to catch the next catnap!

pounce cat house

Cats are often seen as independent, but they still need love, exercise, and stimulation. They can’t talk, but we know if they could, they’d definitely put these top toys and gift ideas on their wish lists!

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