Top 4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Cat Amazing!

So you've got the best cat toy ever - now what?

The Cat Amazing puzzle feeder is keeping your cat delighted and happily hunting for treats - but are you getting the most out of the toy? Here are some tips and tricks to make sure Cat Amazing stays your - and your cat's - favorite plaything!

Cat Amazing Tip #1

Cat Amazing Puzzle Feeder - Cat Toy Tip #1If your cat is new to the idea of working for their treats (what a concept!) you might want to introduce them gently - let them know exactly what's at stake - and how to get it! Position their treat carefully over the edge of one of the holes on the beginner level, so that half the treat is hanging precariously over the edge. When kitty goes for it, their nose is bound to bump it over the edge. They catch a whiff and know that it's gone inside... now it's on!

Cat Amazing Tip #2

Cat Amazing Puzzle Feeder - Cat Toy Tip #2When you're gone from home, kitty remains behind - often bored with no one to keep them company. To get their energy out, everything becomes a good candidate for destruction - kitty keeps an eye out for things to knock over, furniture to scratch, and places to make a mess. One of the advantages of a puzzle feeder is that it can keep your cat busy even while you're away! Just toss in a handful of treats and maybe some small toys before you walk out the door! Kitty will stay occupied hunting while you're out on the town!

One safety tips here though - before you let kitty play with Cat Amazing (or any toy) unsupervised - just monitor them for a few play sessions prior to make sure they are not misusing the toy in any way that can be unsafe.

Cat Amazing Tip #3

Cat Amazing Puzzle Feeder - Cat Toy Tip #3We've all been there - you're trying to get sh*t done - banging out an email to your boss, planning the next big event, or perhaps even.. reading this blog! But kitty has other plans for your attention. Before your coffee becomes a test for gravitational theory or your leg turns into a scratching post, divert kitty's attention with a handful of treats in their Cat Amazing puzzle feeder! Then they can puzzle it out while you complete your tasks in peace - you're welcome : )

Cat Amazing Tip #4

This one sort of speaks for itself - which is a good thing, cause we can't say too much about it for fear of getting.. scratched! ; )

Cat Amazing Tip #4 - Secret Level  

Bonus Tip #5 - Let it slide!

 Cat Amazing Puzzle Feeder sliding!

Whether on grass, like this guy - or on your home carpet or hardwood floor - one of the things that sets Cat Amazing apart from other cat puzzle feeders is that it's lightweight - meaning it slides around to provide your cat with additional exercise, challenge and activity. Make sure to place it in a place where you cat has room to take advantage of it's mobility!

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