Weird Cat Behavior: What Does it Mean?

strange cat behavior

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably seen your feline friend do some weird things! From biting her nails to sprinting through the living room at full speed for 10 minutes. Whatever it was, you likely thought to yourself: yep, my cat’s officially lost it, that is the most random thing I’ve ever seen.

Turns out, most of your cat’s weird behaviors are actually, well, not-so-random.

Every cat has a unique personality that they will express in various ways. Some cats enjoy sleeping more than playing, others enjoy attacking your feet as you walk by or randomly biting you if you pet them for too long. No matter what your cat’s personality is like--cuddly or crazy foot hunter--there are a few things you should look out for in your kitty’s behavior. 

Below is a list of the top three weird cat behaviors that owners have shared with us and some tips on how to respond to them.


1. Randomly sprinting around the house at full speed

cat running through the house

So, you’re sitting on the couch watching your favorite Netflix show when all of a sudden your cat comes bolting into the room, jumps on the couch, and springs back out of the room. She does this several times over the course of ten minutes, so of course, you pull out your phone to take a cute and funny Instagram video of your weirdo cat.

What does this mean?

It means that you have one furry friend who is full of energy--I mean, having a cat is like having a toddler. Your cat’s random sprints are simply a way for her to release built-up energy. This is especially true for indoor cats, who don’t have the luxury of running outside, climbing trees, or hunting small rodents. Here are a few suggestions to help kitty exert some energy!

  • Purchase Interactive cat toys including puzzles, lasers, and wands
  • Build a catio
  • Make a nice spot next to the window for your cat to watch birds outside to keep them entertained
  • Invest in a treadmill or wheel


2. Biting nails

cat nail biting

There are a variety of reasons as to why your feline friend could be biting her nails. It’s important to properly assess this behavior to determine whether it’s a harmless behavior, or part of an underlying problem.

If your cat only bites her nails when she’s giving herself a bath, or does it very rarely, then it’s safe to make the assumption that she’s just keeping up on her personal hygiene. Much like clawing at furniture to keep their nails nice and filed, cats also “trim” their nails by biting them. Think of it as the cat form of a manicure—a “caticure!”

If you happen to notice that your cat bites her nails often, especially for long periods of time, the culprit could be behavioral or medical and include: 

  • Anxiousness or boredom—in this case, you can help by supplying her with stimulating activities, keeping to a routine so she knows what to expect and when, and investing in a cat enclosure
  • Skin condition or infection such as ringworm or pemphigus 
  • Paw or pad injury
  • Abnormally thick or brittle nails, most commonly seen in senior cats

Regardless, excessive nail biting should always be brought up to your vet to diagnose the problem and find a solution.


3. Constantly rubbing up against you 

cat rubbing

This is probably the weird cat behavior we hear most about. Whether it’s rubbing against your legs, head butting you while you’re watching TV on the couch, or rolling across your chest when you’re sleeping, our cats love to just rub against us.

Turns out, this behavior isn’t so weird because it simply means that our beloved feline friends just want to let the world know that they belong to us. When your cat rubs against you, she’s letting off pheromones each time that leave a scent on you—a scent that is specific to each particular cat. She’s proud you’re her owner and wants to meow it from the mountain tops. How cute is that?!

What are some other weird cat behaviors you’ve seen your feline friend does? Leave a comment below—we’d love to hear from you!


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  • My two kitty brothers just turned 1yr old March 26 and I would love to yell to the world how proud i am of being their owner. They both rub up agaist my legs and do everything you mentioned, including squeezing their paws on my chest and doing everything possible to get me to play a variety of ways. Main one is them getting my attention to go to the bathroom and brush/pet/play with them. If the starts with one, the other will come within a minute ever if he’s sleeping. I could spend hours writing about them and all the fun we have. My cats seem like their both always awake waiting for me to get me either playing/feeding/treaties. They love very much to be brushed by me. I have to keep them out shile going/bathing/taking care of self. It is od to me how their so interested in the toilet. Never clean bathroom with your cats inside, the could lick the toxic cleaners. One did for one lick. I was in the state of panic the entire day. He never showed ant signs of being sick. I refer to them as my four legged angels. Before them I had to mails, for 7 years Brutus had a beatiful all black except for one small white patch. It was fun having 3 while it lasted. I had a big ritual with 7 friends over. We took turns reading cat poems. I cried so hard! Britus when died in my arms while opening the car door on the way to his departure to Rainbow Bridge. Only car people know how they are the same as a close family member.
    Please let me know some steps/suggestions for providing them health insurance. My Bugsy, Brutus Bro’s buddy their entire life was my right arm. He had diabetes for 6 years and lived to be 18, passed on 12-19-20. Twice a day with shots. It was expensive. Heaven forbid, if anything like that happens, I want to be prepared with good insurance. Willing to pay $50-$75 a month if need be. I am on SSI and I only get $1000 to live on. I barely get by. My angels give me tons of love and attention. I would eat beans and rice everyday if I had to, to keep them.
    Also, my Brutus Bro would daily put his paw on my feet and hands to show affection too. I miss both of them very much. He passed on 6-1-21. Born on 4-1-2005. I will never forget those dates and how cool they were to me and each other.
    My new ones, got them both on 6-16-22. They are doing the same thing, giving me tons of joy! Being 65 and alone with health issues is very much needed. I really believe without them I would of commited suiside from the hardships from grieving and my health. I fear dying now! Who will take care of them like me. Super Dad! I treat them like Kings. To busy to become depressed!
    I even stay home all the time cuz I do not like leaving them alone. I leave extra everything if I go out. Even leave the water in the bathroom sink barely running. You never know, I could pass on at anytime. I am a retired handi-capped senior on many meds. I could have a stroke or fatal heart attack. My will is designed so they have to be tooken care of. The worse thing ever that could happen is me die and they suffer. I must pray now! My cats, all of them, are always in my prayers.🎩🌞😻🐈🐈💖excuse my mistakes- waiting for new glasses. 🐱
    Happy coming Easter! Going to the Brewers game with my buddy Richard.
    I hope you have a good Easter Holiday! Time to give some kind of extra goidie for my Kitties. They were only 2.1 LBs 6-16-22
    Now there full growen and over 9-10 LBs now. I really love when their tiny and so darn cute. I Love them more than most people. Ha haha
    Lmao 🎩😻🐈🐈💖

    Dr John Dee

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